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2-Token Model Ecosystem

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SERGS - Utility Token for NFT & Sports dApp

Total Supply - 1,050,000 (Deflationary until 100K)

Presale - 400,000 (0.15 USD/ SERGS)

Uniswap Listing - 350,000
Marketing - 100,000
Community Fund - 100,000
SSL Liquidity Providers - 100,000


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SSL - Governance Token

Total Supply - 1100

Community Airdrop - 1000
Liquidity - 100


NFT Minting:
Staking pools consists of 3 pools called YOU, JUST and WIN.
SERGS will be staked in each pool to farm.


There will be 3 type of NFTs (Normal, Rare and Limited Edition) and 3 combos to mint each.

YOU + JUST = Normal NFT
YOU + JUST + WIN = Limited Edition NFT.


Users can choose to trade at NFT marketplace. 

Liquidity Providers will benefit the protocol fees. SERGS token contract have tx fee function. For every single trade, 2.5% TX fee is applied which will be flowing to fee treasury wallet.

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